After a good cup of coffee, you even forgive your parents

(Oskar Wilde)
Come over!
choco ron

Chocolate doesn’t ask questions. Chocolate understands.

When you combine two of the most extraordinary and complex products – for example, specialty coffee and chocolate – something entirely new may emerge.

With the first product of our “Choco Edition” series, we have achieved just that: oak barrel-aged coffee meets dark chocolate.

It is not just a snack that lifts the spirit. It is an experience.

Ron Osucro Barrel Aged Coffee

Coffee is magic you can drink

Hot cup in hand, the aroma of the roast in your nose, and your favorite people at the table with you – for many, coffee is a beverage of conviviality and harmony. With specialty coffee, these priceless moments are celebrated in a whole new way. Find your favorite coffee for home here!

And what type of coffee drinker are you?

Coffee contains more aromas than a good red wine. Accordingly, it can be selected and prepared in many different ways.
With our coffee quiz, you can find exactly the coffee that best suits you and your preferences.

Bild zeigt einen Barista, der eine Kaffeespezialität zubereitet.
Bild zeigt eine Mitarbeiterin des Cafés, während sie einen Kunden berät.

Coffee brings people together. Does it bring you together too?

In our café in Cologne, you can experience our specialty coffee in action amidst the charm of old buildings, snacks, and modern art. In our tastings and courses, you can conveniently experience Colombia within our space from Friday to Sunday.

And so you can get an overview from home, our menu is now available online!