About us

Behind every successful business there is a strong team.
And an impressive amout of coffee.

About us/ über uns: the founders having a conversation with the first trading partner in colombia

Three coffee drinkers, a farm, and our big plan

The story of Gallery4 began in 2018 with our trip to a coffee farm in Colombia, where we visited a college friend and gained a detailed insight into the production processes of our morning cup of coffee for the first time. We were all three very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​not only bringing exceptional coffee varieties to Europe but also leaving a large part of the value chain in the country of origin. “Fairer than fair,” you could say.

As if by itself, the opportunity arose to import a small amount of coffee from Colombia on a trial basis to open up initial sales channels.

In 2019, coffee trading commenced through an online shop, and in 2021, the café on Lindenstraße in Cologne opened. Today, Gallery4 is what it is: a place where joy and sociability are at home.

Chief operations officer: Michael

Michael oversees the operational aspects of Gallery4, both within and around the café. He not only shapes the customer experience, conducts coffee tastings and courses, and manages marketing and sales, but he also occasionally serves as a barista behind the counter.

In addition to German and English, he is fluent in Spanish and Russian. When it comes to coffee imports, he directly engages with farmers and roasters, ensuring that Gallery4 consistently offers the finest Colombian coffee.

Michael finds the greatest joy when customers share their coffee stories with him.


Bild zeigt Michael beim Kaffeetrinken.

Michael about his favorite coffee:

Every time has its coffee. In the morning, it’s a Mandarina brewed as a V60 for its fruity notes and liqueur-like finish. But after lunch, I can’t go without an Oro Negro or Monte Amarillo as a double espresso.

The Back Office Chief: Rafael

Rafael plans events at the café, handles personnel and recruiting inquiries, and was the driving force behind the café’s renovation and expansion in 2021.

His second passion lies in guiding participants of his breathwork workshops, which regularly take place at the café, to expand beyond themselves and their respective situations.


Rafael about his favorite coffee:

I prefer Geisha as a V60 filter, with classic notes complemented by delicate, floral freshness, and a complexity that lingers in the mouth, making it an enjoyable experience.

The heart of the team: Aggi

Agnes, affectionately known as Aggi, is the executive assistant and a passionate cook and baker.

From delicious cakes to seasonal decoration ideas and selecting furnishings, Aggi consistently showcases herself in new and impressive ways. A true multitasker, always ready with a witty remark even during busy times. Fuerteventura is Aggi’s second home where she loves to spend time. At home, she also takes care of her family and son, as well as the ongoing projects around the house.


Aggi about her favorite coffee:

I prefer Ron Cold Brew on the rocks in summer, but also in any other variation. Smell & taste like being on vacation; exciting, fruity & always a pleasure for all senses.


In June 2023, Mathis started working at Gallery 4. Despite having little experience in specialty coffee, he has learned extremely quickly. He has a sense of taste and a strong desire to learn. With his calm habit and his abilities in customer consultation, he keeps everything under control even when the shop is really busy.

Mathis on his favorite coffee: Azul Seco in an oat flat white – robust, fruity, and creamy like my blueberry porridge.


Coffee pro and product designer. Our man for all occasions – Till has extensive experience, especially in external events. He can work under pressure and always remains professional. With his experience at Coffee Gang, specialty coffee is familiar to him, and he always ensures highest satisfaction among his customers.

Till on his favorite coffee:Mandarina Honey as a V60 filter: Its fruity complexity convinces me. Citrus notes at the forefront are rounded off with fruit liqueur and caramel.


Barista & hospitality professional. Manuela has gained considerable experience in gastronomy and specialty coffee, evident in her skilled work. No one creates a Rosetta as symmetrical and intricate as she does.

Manuela on her favorite coffee: Doppio Ron Oscuro Iced Latte with a touch of Panela 🧊 The perfect dessert on hot summer days!


Service queen & polyglot. Speaks Turkish, German, & English. Currently studying Russian at the University of Cologne and enjoys leisure time with friends. She has quickly learned in service at the café and improves day by day.

Buse on her favorite coffee: Since I prefer light coffee, Mandarina Honey as a filter is my favorite: The coffee with summer vibes and sensational freshness!